Speedie is an innovative delivery company. Our mission is to fix the numerous logistical challenges encountered by individuals and businesses in the delivery space in Nigeria. Speedie is the easiest way to make or receive a delivery. Download our mobile application and get your delivery picked up at the push of a button.
Speedie makes sending or receiving a delivery easy and convenient. You never have to visit an office or make a phone call to get a delivery. Just confirm your pick up and drop off address and request a delivery.
Speedie is available as an Android app and on a web portal.
Download the app, input your delivery pick up and drop off location, the delivery details and receiver's details and get connected to a rider, who will pick up your delivery in minutes. You can also make a request using the web portal.
All items to be deliveries should have a maximum weight of 15 kilograms. The items also have to meet the following size dimensions in Length, width and height (L*W*H) 5*3*5cm 10*8*10cm 15*13*15cm 20*18*20cm 25*23*25cm 30*28*30cm 33*31*33cm
When your rider has picked up the delivery, go to the home screen of the app and click on the track icon to track your delivery from start to finish.
Every rider has to pass a training course and have her/his documents verified by our staff before they can start riding. All users can also provide feedback for the rider and we bar riders with bad ratings from the system. You can help us improve by leaving a rating next time you use Speedie. Speedie also follows up on all riders to ensure delivery was made successfully.

Speedie offers users three types of deliveries. These are:-

  • Speedie: Delivery time is within four hours from pick up time. It costs 55 Naira per KM.
  • Priority: Delivery time is within two hours of pick up and it costs 90 Naira per KM.
  • Custom Delivery: This service covers users who have multiple delivery requirements . From one pick up point to different drop off points. User calls or sends a mail and upon request, Speedie Support executive routes a rider to the user. It costs 55 Naira per KM with a 20% discount on the final delivery cost.
Speedie makes delivery of all items that meet our dimensions and weight specification. However, we do not delivery cash, medical and laboratory supplies, arms and ammunitions, hard drugs, alcohol and other contraband items that are contravene to the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
All your personal information, including your delivery history is never shared with any third parties. We only show your first name and phone number to the rider during your delivery.
Payments can be made using either cash or your debit/credit cards.
Always Select ‘’Allow’’ Notification Pop Up When You Login To Speedie Website (www.speedieng.com).
We will email you the receipt at the end of your delivery. If for some reason you still have not received your receipt, we recommend the following: Check if you have the correct email connected to your Speedie account Check your junk/spam folder in your email account (the sender is Speedie Receipts) If you still cant find your receipt, kindly contact the Speedie team.
Yes, you can. However, a base charge of N200 is charged for all cancelled deliveries.
Yes. Refund will be made less N200 base charge
If your app keeps crashing or freezing, try any of the following:
  • Double tap the home button
  • Swipe up on the Speedie app card
  • Reopen the app
  • If you continue to experience issues, you can try to reset your network settings.